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The co-founders of Turk & Turk Law Office Lawyer Mediator Kasım Emre Türk and Lawyer Mediator Tuğçe Nermin Türk visited Union of American Bar Associations Rule of Law Initiative and Social Syrian Groups Migration Humanitarian Relief Organization Adana Bar Association President Mengücek Gazi Çıtırık.

Adana Mediation Centre was opened with the attendance of our co-founder and Adana Mediation Association President Lawyer Mediator Tuğçe Nermin Türk.

Our co-founder Lawyer Mediator Tuğçe Nermin Türk giving a lecture about the effective role of women in society and business life during the " Women in Business" panel held in Çukurova University, Law Club.

Establishment of Global Mediation Center by our co-founders Lawyer Mediator Kasım Emre Türk and Lawyer Mediator Tuğçe Nermin Türk in 2016.

Our co-founder Lawyer Mediator Tuğçe Nermin Türk and Adana Mediation Association Board members visited Adana Chief Public Prosecutor Ali Yeldan at his office and submitted their requests for establishment of a mediation centre in Adana's House of Justice.

Adana Mediation Association President Tuğçe Nermin Türk working on promoting mediation as a peaceful method in solving legal conflicts since the association establishment, continues the effort by paying Adana’s Chamber of industry a visit, talking about promoting activities planned by the association to encourage parties to resort to mediation, aiming for further cooperation with the chamber.

During a visit to Adana Chamber of Commerce, in the picture; Adana Mediation Association President Lawyer Tuğçe Nermin Türk and board members, Lawyer Mustafa Tolay, Lawyer Esin İşcan Uslu and Adana Chamber of Commerce President Atila Menevşe, Director of Administrative Affairs and Human Resources Lawyer Barış Gökhan Topal.

Our co-founder Adv. Mediator Tuğçe Nermin Türk told about Arbitration and Mediatorship on live broacast.

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